Bet24 Poker Open in Tallinn

Sune Berg Hansen

I just busted from the tournament in 30th place. In the last hand I came all-in with jacks, unfortunately the opponent had aces. It was a fun experience but it is of course always so annoying when you get eliminated (I really hate to lose). I don't think I could be a tourney pro - it is simply too stressful to 'lose' so often. Even though nothing beats the thrill of a final table.

The event is very well organized and everything just runs smoothly - thanks to Bet24 for giving me this opportunity!
The good thing about livepoker is that you have a lot of social contact - which can be fun and do add something extra. The bad thing is that it can be very slow! One of the dealers was really bad (only slightly offset by her nice looks) and it took ages for her to shuffle up and deal. When you play like 15 hands pr hour and are card dead it becomes very very boring.

There were 4 celebrities taking part. John Faxe Jensen, Kenneth Perez, Jan Moelby and Brian Nielsen. The last guy is heavy weight boxer! He lost a famous fight against Tyson and he is facing Hollyfield in half a years time. He did also practice a little bit here at the tournament... A very drunk Danish guy made a 4 out suckout on the river and Brian punched him in the stomach! The guy was so drunk he didn't even notice.  

I did play a few hands with Moelby - a Danish soccerplayer who was with Liverpool a long time ago - He was actually a decent player. Anyway I think I deserve a beer now. Hallberg is still playing - hope he does better than me.

Sune Berg Hansen

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Istappen, lør, 11/12/2010 - 20:11

Sune skrev denne ganske morsomme blog på Coinflip, og selv om den er på engelsk så synes jeg da ikke vi skulle snydes for den her på

Jeg tog mig derfor den frihed at poste den her i Sunes navn, da det jo er ham der er forfatteren Smile


Ender, man, 13/12/2010 - 13:00

Super. Hvordan gik det peter? Kom han på ft?

GeneralVux, tir, 14/12/2010 - 12:36

Desværre. Jeg bustede ret kort tid efter med AKo allin pre mod KJo.

Ender, tir, 14/12/2010 - 12:18

Surt beat, men vigtigst var vel at du kom længere end sune. Hehe