Still not too hot

Wow it’s been awhile. It’s just that there hasn’t been much of anything interesting going on in my poker games. Well, there was the EPT in Barcelona. I lost most of my chips in the main event in a hand where I opened 67s from middle position and a young guy to my left was the only caller. The flop was 478 with a flush draw (not my suit), I C-bet and he called. The turn was a 4. I check-called his big bet. The river was a 2, the flush didn’t fill up. I checked and he went all-in for 2.5 times the pot. I took at least 5 minutes to think about it. The bet was so big he is representing pretty much a full house. Or maybe a straight but I think it’s very unlikely, especially when I have a 6. The most likely full house in my opinion would be 88, but I don’t think he would just flat the flop and bet huge on the turn when I probably have none/almost no outs. I guess he could have quads but that’s always unlikely, and seems pretty unlikely also for the same reason as 88. I have a blocker for 77 too. Obviously there is tons of bluffs out there. 96, 9T, 9J, JT, A5, A6, any flush draw, any overs/one over with a gut shot. Still it feels like he has to have a hand here every time.

When I was thinking and tried to get reads from the guy, he looked at his hole cards at least twice and nodded to himself very clearly like ”yes, I totally still have it!”. He seemed like a pretty good player, so this didn’t feel right. Very confusing. Maybe he wanted to make a big bluff on me. I had no idea what was going on here. I knew for sure there weren’t many hands he is supposed to have here for value. The bet was about 25k and I had 35k left. Eventually I made the call. He had 42s for a small full. Oops. They made me show my hand, I guess it was to avoid chip dumping. If that’s not chip dumping, what is? 2.5x pot with middle pair. Well, it was a better bluff catcher than an overpair. I still like the call except the only problem is that I don’t think he would risk his tournament life like that. Never. What a bad call. Altho I wouldn’t think he plays 42s. I busted like one level after this.

Then there was the highroller. I was semi card dead but stayed very patient. Picked up some nice pots every now and then to stay in. The first day was drawing to a close and about half of the field was gone when I got AQs in the small blind and everyone folded to me. I had just over half of average stack I think, I raised 2.5x and BB instantly moved in for an overbet (he had me covered). I snap-called, and he had AJs. He pretty much gets called only when he is beat, but it was some fish so he prolly doesn’t realize this. The J came on the flop to bust me. That’s how it pays out to be patient and wait for the right moment. I think I deserve to start running good for at least two years straight pretty soon…

I was thinking about going to Bahamas, but not so many Finnish poker buddies of mine were going so I decided to skip it, too. I was there the last three times so I don’t mind skipping once. Prolly going again next year. I purchased holdem manager some time ago. I think it’s a great program. I imported all the hands from my about three months old computer and it turned out I was about 100k under EV. That was about two months ago and I ran a little better for a while, but now I’m like 25 buy-ins under EV from the last few days. Would be nice if it could go the other way for some time now. I’m still pretty much breaking even lately, but would be nice to get the profit I deserve.

I feel like it would be a big disadvantage to reveal any more of my current nick names, so it’s still not time for that. I’m happy with my omaha win rate, and that’s what I’ve been playing mostly now. I’m actually losing in holdem lately, but that’s mostly because I’ve had some bad sessions against some pretty good players, playing a bit higher than usual.