Knock on Wood (ENG)

"Superstitions are the poison of the mind"

I'm thinking of a card, I'm thinking of a card, Bingo!  YES!! I knew it was coming.  How many times have we done that?  We have all played poker, been down to two or three outs, and suddenly by sheer will and determination, we win the pot.  Or on the other hand.  How many times have we gotten our whole stack in with Aces, only to see the opponents Kings.  Undoubtably, as soon as the cards were flipped, we knew we didn't stand a chance.

What is it that plays with our minds in such a way, that can telepathically give us the outcome before it happens?  Does everyone breath some supernatural power?  Do the things we say, feel, or speak, actually have the power to bring out a positive or negative outcome?  They may or may not depending on who you speak to.  If you were asking me, than I would absolutely say yes. 

I may be the most highly supersticious person you know.  I feel everything I do on a daily basis, gives a positive or negative effect, on my desired outcome.  I am not a spiritual person at all when it comes to religion.  Fact is I don't practice any.  Yet I still believe there is something out there.  I couldn't be as suspersticious as I am without believing in something.

Players of all games have their rituals.  From the lucky socks, to the lucky underwear, to the poker players lucky hoodie.  We all think these objects have a bearing on the outcome, simply because it has helped us once before.  Do we rely on these objects of our imagination, more than relying on our actual skill set?  Not having these items can really make us uncomfortable.  We all know that being uncomfortable brings out negative actions in all games we play.  Wade Boggs was a great baseball player who played over 2400 games in his career.  During his 18 year career, he ate chicken before every game.  Surely the meal of chicken had an impact on his playing performance.  Or did the meal simply help him feel comfortable?  I will get back to this later

What about the things we say?  Do the things we speak feed into an undesired outcome, even if we don't realize it?  Can we really Jinx ourselves and not know it?  For example here are two videos of the 1986 World Series.  Bill Buckner was the first basemen for the Boston RedSox.  Here is his interview before the World Series.  Pay attention to what he says at the end.  (Adm edit: Linket er ikke længere tilgængelig. Dødt link fjernet)   Remember him saying "The nightmares are your going to let the winning run score on a ground ball between your legs".

Now what are the odds that Bill Buckner would let a ground ball go his legs to win the game.  There are thousands of possible outcomes on every pitch in baseball.  The odds of him getting a ground ball, it going through his legs, and letting the winning run score.  Is about the same as Peter Hallberg and I being related.  Yet it could still happen right?  Was Buckner just in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Or did he actually Jinx himself? 

Being comfortable at the poker table really means being in the right mind set to play.  Being comfortable makes everyone feel positive.  I really believe that positive things happen to positive people, and I know I'm not the only one.  Phill Hellmuth also agrees.  Love him or hate him, his results speak hold water.  I was once reading a book and a conversation between Mike Matusow and Hellmuth was quoted.  This was around the time Matusow won the tournament of champions.  Hellmuth asked him why and how he was running so good?  Matusow simply explained how he now was thinking positive on the table.  He felt comfortable at the table again.  

I on the other hand, have a really hard time being positive.  Sometimes I feel as if the deck is stacked against me, not only in poker, but in life.  I have so many stupid rituals and superstitions that I can't remember if they hindered me or helped me.

I just wonder one day if I can stop all crazy antics, and just play poker.  Just to get to that comfortable place where your mind is clean.  The place where you can honestly say "whatever happens, happens".  

Ive been playing almost 13 years now, and poker has been pretty good to me, even with all the stupid superticious mind fucks, that drive me crazy.  One day I hope we can all stop them, and let our skills speak.  Yet this little thing in the back of mind mind is telling me not to change.  I just may Jinx myself.



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Sir Hardtrance, fre, 09/12/2011 - 20:43

Shiiiit - Did I write that, or was it you....

Mazter81, man, 12/12/2011 - 11:12

Nice blog, sir.

Keep them coming... please?

Istappen, man, 12/12/2011 - 12:56

With you all the way on that one...

BobboSlice, man, 12/12/2011 - 15:24

@ Sir HT, Yes you did, I read your mind. I used my super powers.

@ Mazter, Your wish is my command.

@ Thomas, Great song.

Sir Hardtrance, ons, 14/12/2011 - 13:08

Well, cant you use em to make me a better player then? :P